June 3, 2015 Shaun Rowe

The Path for Smart Marketers to Avoid the Big Data Pitfall

It’s the most important thing your business can be do to understand and reach customers…or it’s just the latest over-hyped fad.

Big Data has been the topic of discussion in the marketing world for the past few years, with countless experts imploring marketers to jump on the bandwagon or be left behind. “You need to collect more data,” “You already have the data but you’re not using it effectively,” “Your big data is too small,” “Your big data is too big,” and so on.  But the reality is that most organizations use only about 5% of their available data, and most CMOs feel unprepared for today’s data explosion. Everyone says you should be using it, but few are saying how to use it, and even fewer explain how to use it well.

At Leapfrog Online, we know how to not only identify what data is important and useful, but how to effectively and efficiently apply that data to drive results for our clients. We want to share this knowledge built over our 18 year history, as well as engage our expert friends and collaborators to provide insights of their own, to help marketers navigate the choppy waters of digital marketing.

It is with this goal that we announce our latest addition to the Leapfrog Marketing Institute, “The Path for Smart Marketers to Avoid the Big Data Pitfall.” It’s authored by Jim Carey, adjunct professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. In the paper, Carey unpacks the reality of big data, helps marketers ask the right questions to know what data is important, how to effectively use it to understand their customers and optimize their experience, and how to wisely invest resources so that their big data operations don’t become big data black holes.

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