May 16, 2017 leapfrog123

2017 Planning Report: Evolving Consumer-Centric Plans and Budgets

The purpose of our 3rd annual Planning Report is to uncover the shift marketers are making to be more consumer-centric in their strategies and tactics. It is our belief that the shift to consumer-centricity does not truly occur without full alignment in the annual budget and planning process. We call it “walking the talk”!

In last year’s Planning Report, we explored how internal team alignment to ROI and business goals was critical to external customer alignment. In this year’s Planning Report, we continue to analyze the internal/external alignment to the customer, but further explore how that influences the topic that all businesses are currently discussing – the customer experience. The Report also compares data from B-to-B and B-to-C organizations where there are meaningful insights to be shared.

This year’s Planning Report also extends the learnings from our 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study. In that study, we reported on the growing alignment of marketing and technology, and the progress companies have made (or not) building their customer experiences.

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