Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s Jason Wadler brings this year’s marketing budget outook to CMO.com in an article discussing the 2017 Planning Report

The degree to which companies take the long view and commit to customer experience investment can and will determine their survival. It is for this reason that the Leapfrog Marketing Institute has deepened its research to explore customer experience development and planning in our past two studies.

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Forbes talks with Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s Deb Hall-Lefevre and Jason Wadler to dig into the 2017 Planning Report

Shifting from a product focused company to a customer-aligned organization changes how a company must operate. “It requires a bit of a leap of faith and having the right controls in place,” according to Wadler. “Companies are competing against their customers’ expectations, less against their competitors.”

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Bulldog Reporter examines the findings from Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s 2017 Planning Report

“The customer journey is a top priority for communications execs—but few have created a dedicated customer experience (CX) budget for their brands, according to the 2017 Planning Report from the Leapfrog Marketing Institute, the research arm of performance marketing solutions company Leapfrog.”

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Bulldog Reporter Looks at the Evolving Marketing/Technology Relationship and More, Revealed by the 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study

These findings suggest a path forward in tackling the current challenges for enterprises in driving organizational change to become more digital and customer-centric.

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Marketing Charts reports on the 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study: “Marketing-IT Relationship Reportedly Improving As Alignment on Business Goals Rises

“As marketing and technology better align on business goals, their relationship also appears to be improving….An improving relationship is encouraging, as cross-functional collaboration is a key characteristic of top-performing marketing teams.”
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In Depth Coverage of the 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study by American Marketing Association

A new survey finds marketing and IT departments are clashing on customer service, among other business outcomes. How can they come together for a better customer experience?

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2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study examined by CMO.com: “Marketing And Tech Execs Not On Same CX Page: Study”

“technology executives are further along in their abilities for CX mapping, have more clarity on CX ownership, and have progressed more in delivering CX than their marketing counterparts. The disconnect? Marketing goals are more aligned to business outcomes while technology goals are more aligned to specific programs”

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MediaPost reports on 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study: “Marketers Say Proving ROI More Important Than Brand Awareness Metrics”

“The lack of buy-in from CEOs to improve on trends like mobile and omnichannel strategies push CMOs and CIOs harder to prove return on investment.”

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Website Magazine discusses 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study: “Digital Transformation Without CEO Support?”

“In its 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study, Leapfrog Marketing Institute found chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) feel their chief executive officers (CEOs) lack a “strong commitment to digital transformation.””

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AdAge covers Marketing Institute’s 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study

“Chief marketing officers and chief information officers are getting along better, but they still don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on some things — such as the effectiveness of mobile and digital advertising.”

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