November 10, 2013 leapfrog123

Case Study: The Importance of Being on Mobile Now

Leapfrog Google Mobile Case StudyLeapfrog Online’s success is based on its unique “end-to-end” management  of the entire sales process: from initial customer targeting through the purchase of  a good or service across multiple response channels. As early stewards of digital as a true sales and marketing channel, Leapfrog quickly recognized the role of mobile and made a commitment to become a leader in the space.

In 2011, Leapfrog Online and Google published the case study, The Importance of Being on Mobile Now, which shares data on the success of using Google Mobile Ads and mobile-optimized marketing campaigns. With early adoption of mobile across their client portfolio starting in 2008, Leapfrog Online was able to deliver an overall growth of 300% in mobile sales from 2010 to 2011.

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Of course, things have changed a bit on the mobile marketing scene since 2011.  To learn more about the current state of mobile marketing using Google Adwords, watch Leapfrog’s Tim Ossmo in this Google Adwords Hangout exploring Adwords’ Enhanced Campaigns, launched in 2013.

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