reports on 2015 CMO Benchmark Study: “New Study Uncovers Dissonance In CMO/CTO Relationship”

‘CMOs and CTOs are on different pages about their companies’ digital marketing goals, according to Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s “2015 CMO Digital Benchmark Study.”’

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eMarketer reports on the lack of a mobile-first strategy among many marketers, revealed in the CMO Benchmark Study

“Marketers understand the appeal of having a mobile-first strategy, not only because of the proliferation of smartphones, but also due to the growing time spent on these devices. And even though nearly half of marketers and IT executives have adopted a mobile-first environment, many still have not.”

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MediaPost discusses the various ways marketing and IT don’t see eye-to-eye in article covering CMO Digital Benchmark Study

“There’s a relationship problem between CMOs and CTOs: There isn’t one. To properly misstate: these are ships passing in the night with regard to how to reach customers and prospects online and how to measure results. ”

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Direct Marketing News Interviews Jim Carey, Discussing 2015 CMO Digital Benchmark Study

Direct Marketing News spoke with 2015 CMO Digital Benchmark Study researcher and Northwestern University Adjunct Professor Jim Carey, digging deeper into the key findings of the study.

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2015 CMO Insights Symposium: Elevating the Consumer Experience

The CMO Insights Symposium invited the country’s premier marketing executives, analysts and professors to share ideas and examples on how to transform their teams, investments and organizations to deliver consumer experiences that grow their brands.

This event for senior-level marketing executives was organized by The Leapfrog Marketing Institute. The Institute publishes white papers and research reports, and also hosts conferences, workshops, and roundtables for CMOs and industry influencers.

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